Electric Motors, Stators and Rotors

Single Phase : Up to 3.7 Kw. in CI & Aluminum Body casting
Three Phase : Up to 355 Kw. having IP55 protection and meeting EFF2 Standard.
Special purpose Motors for application like Medical equipments, Lift Application, Canned Motors for Pumps.
Laminations : Diameter from 30 MM. to 450 MM.
Stacks : Auto steached, Clitted, Welded Stack upto 500 MM. Length.
Stacks : Aluminum DiaCast Rotor upto 200 Frames. Copper Brazed Rotors for submersible applications.
Wound Stators : upto 0.5 HP. to 50 HP. Semi-automatic winding Lines for mass production. Vaccum Impregnation process for Varnishing.
Components : Connecting Rods for Compressor Applications. Shaft for Motors.
Assemblies : Various Pump Assemblies.